Murphy USA opens quick-charging stations for electric cars

June 2, 2012

The Indianapolis region has its first two “Level 3” quick-charging stations for electric cars.

That means one can “gas up” in under 30 minutes.

Murphy USA stations at 1235 N. Emerson Ave. in Greenwood, and at 2375 E. Main St. in Plainfield, are offering free charging for a limited time.

Murphy partnered with Cleveland-based charger maker Eaton Corp. and local initiative Energy Systems Network on the installation.

The upside for Murphy stations is that customers are likely to come in and buy food and beverages while their cars charge.

At best, the number of plug-in electric vehicles in Indiana numbers in the hundreds.

But Eaton Vice President Tom Schafer said widespread plug-in vehicle adoption will require that customers have a “sense of confidence that there’s an infrastructure behind them that will allow them to charge wherever they are.”

Slower-charging stations have sprung up in the metro area, at such places as parking garages downtown and at Simon Property Group-owned shopping centers.•

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