Green energy no panacea

June 2, 2012

Chris O’Malley’s [May 28] article on the Sierra Club left out some rather stunning statistics. In the auction for 2015 energy generating capacity last month, the market clearing price was $136-$357 per megawatt, depending on the state. The current rate is $16 per megawatt.

These prices reflect the new Obama EPA mandates in their unrelenting assault on the energy sector. Those prices are not estimates. They are actual prices electric distributors have agreed to pay beginning in 2015. Those prices will be passed along to every consumer of energy in this country. My electric bill would rise from an average of $70 per month to over $500 per month. It’s nothing more than a shakedown of the American taxpayer to enrich the elitists in this country all under the guise of “green energy.” In other words, it’s a complete sham. Just like wind farms and solar panels.


Jim Kennedy

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