How's Obama workin' for ya?

October 27, 2012

I have avoided writing about any of left-wing author Sheila Kennedy’s opinion pieces because she’s such an easy target. However her [Oct. 22] “Elections have consequence” piece calling Republicans extremist demands a response.

From Kennedy’s perch at the extreme left edge of the political spectrum, it must surely appear that anyone with a modicum of moderate political ideology is a right-winger. It’s laughable to read her characterization of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as “very right wing” when a few paragraphs later she blasts Pence and Republicans for focusing (in her opinion) on social issues and not on “job creation and budget balancing.” Doesn’t the Chamber of Commerce represent the job creators and those who fear out-of-control federal deficit spending? Does she think for some reason that the chamber is focused on social issues or that its members don’t want to create jobs?

Kennedy criticizes Richard Mourdock for suing to stop the Obama-directed bankruptcy of Chrysler. In an organized Chapter 11, Chrysler would have been able to renegotiate with its creditors and renegotiate labor contracts which would have enabled it to emerge stronger and leaner like many other corporations have had to do. Mourdock sued to try to protect the pensions of teachers who, because of Obama’s heavy-handed intervention, lost their pension investments, and not to stop Chrysler from reorganizing.

Kennedy is right when she reminds us that elections have consequences, as President Obama is reported to have reminded Republican congressional leaders in early 2009. If Obama’s focus had been on jobs and deficit reduction instead of expanding the federal government’s reach, we might be in a different economic climate than we are today.

Obama and the Democrats have had their chance at creating jobs and reducing the deficit, and we know the results. As one Republican that Kennedy would surely label an extreme right winger once asked about the consequences of the 2008 election, “How’s that workin’ out for ya now?”
Craig Gigax


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