Take the federal money

March 9, 2013

There are good reasons to feel optimistic about the changes taking place as a result of health care reform. More people will have access to insurance through health insurance marketplaces, and many will be able to take advantage of tax credits to afford this new coverage.

Indiana’s unfinished business is to decide whether to take advantage of federal funds to provide care for more low-income, working Hoosiers through Medicaid.

A recent report from the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Center for Health Policy finds that expanding Indiana’s Medicaid program would generate up to $3.4 billion in economic activity and support more than 30,000 new jobs. It also will provide more than 406,000 Hoosiers with access to care and treatment.

If Indiana chooses not to take advantage of the billions of federal dollars available to us that money will go to provide health insurance coverage in other states that do expand, including Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois.


Paul Chase,
deputy director, Covering Kids and Families of Indiana

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