Judge: Indiana improperly revoked gay group's license

May 31, 2013

An administrative law judge says Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicles improperly revoked a gay youth group's specialty license plate and recommends the agency reinstate its plate.

The ruling Tuesday from BMV administrative judge Melissa Reynolds says the Indiana Youth Group did violate Indiana law and its contract "by suggesting, requiring, and receiving unauthorized payments" for low-numbered license plates.

But Reynolds says the action didn't constitute a sale or auction of low-digit license plate that would have supported last year's immediate revocation of its plate.

Her ruling recommends the BMV reinstate the Indiana Youth Group's license plate. If the BMV doesn't appeal the ruling within 18 days of the ruling, the order becomes final.

BMV spokesman Josh Gillespie says the BMV commissioner "will act on the ruling within the allotted" time.


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