Not-for-profits sold short

June 22, 2013

Restricting not-for-profits from the Fishers Interstate 69 corridor [June 10] ignores an organization’s impact on a community’s quality of life and focusing only on the bottom line.

State Road 37 north of 116th Street is a snapshot of what the future holds for motorists on I-69—car dealerships, fast-food restaurants, Walmart, strip malls and multiple locations of Walgreen and CVS—if only commercial companies are permitted to build in the area.

To state that not-for-profits locating along the interstate will result in “ … valuable space not being filled with jobs” is a dubious argument. The last time I checked, all churches, hospitals and other community organizations have employees generating payroll taxes and utilizing products and services from commercial companies resulting in additional tax revenue for local government.

Do Fishers leaders really believe that Indianapolis has not been “enriched” by having Christ Church Cathedral, Hilbert Circle Theater and the Columbia Club on Monument Circle, perhaps the most prime piece of real estate in Indiana?


William Viar, Fishers

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