Youth camp suing to block planned hog farm

August 20, 2013

Leaders of a northern Indiana youth camp are going to court in their effort to stop a nearby farmer from being allowed to start raising some 9,200 hogs.

The action comes after the White County commissioners last month approved a zoning change to allow the hog facility about a half-mile from the 600-acre YMCA Camp Tecumseh.

The lawsuit was filed in a court in Carroll County, where the camp is located, about 20 miles north of Lafayette, The Journal & Courier reported. The lawsuit maintains the hog facility should have to be further away from the camp because the camp is similar to a small town, educational facility or church.

The camp's activities include camps for children with asthma and kidney troubles, and those who have suffered burns. The 90-year-old facility attracts more than 35,000 campers a year, including many from schools in the Indianapolis area.

The attorney for farm owner John Erickson declined comment about the lawsuit.


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