Lincoln’s Republicans

September 14, 2013

If Abe Lincoln were asked about the proposed legislation to amend Indiana’s Constitution to ban gay marriage [Maurer, Sept. 2], he would respond as he has in the past: “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

The audacity of this legislation matches the hypocrisy of some of its supporters. Because these legislators don’t shy from moral legislation (as they see it), I’m inviting them, as they cast their vote, to sign a pledge:

“I _______________________ [name] attest I have never and will never commit adultery because this would threaten the moral institution of marriage. _______________________ [signature].”

If this is true, I see no reason why any legislator would oppose signing.

The greatest threat to progress is a closed mind. History is wrought with examples: Aristotle was nearly executed for claiming the world isn’t flat; women weren’t smart enough to vote; hanging a black person from a tree wasn’t a crime. These policies were developed by the “most intelligent leaders” of the time.

Republican legislators, consider how this bill mirrors the ridiculous beliefs of yesteryear. I invite you to join Honest Abe and fight for the rights of all people.


Elliot Trexler, New York City

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