City of Indianapolis crafts plans for bicentennial

June 14, 2014

City leaders began seeking input June 11 on Plan 2020, the bicentennial plan for Indianapolis.

Plan 2020 aims to create much more than a vague outline for the city’s future. The Department of Economic Development hopes Plan 2020 leads to the updating and revision of no fewer than six official policy documents, from the comprehensive land-use plan to the recreation and open-space plan.

To do all this, the city is partnering with the private not-for-profit Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee, which has convened five committees around broad themes, such as economic opportunity, that also tie into Mayor Greg Ballard’s strategy.

Committee work has been under way since April, but the public is encouraged to drop by The Hall, formerly known as the old City Hall, which has become the hub of Plan 2020 activity.

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