Logistics conference to focus on funding

October 4, 2014

“Solving the National Transportation Crisis” is the theme of the Indiana Logistics Summit Oct. 7-8 in Indianapolis.

Indiana is home to more pass-through interstates than any other state, but conference organizers say funding shortages affect more than trucking and highways.

“The American Society of Civil Engineers has graded the condition and performance of our nation’s infrastructure as a D+ and estimated that the investment needed by 2020 will be $3.6 trillion,” said Rich Cooper, CEO of the Ports of Indiana. “All modes of transportation are facing similar issues related to antiquated funding models that can no longer support our country’s future needs.”

Three hundred executives are expected to attend the summit. Keynote speakers are Stephen Goldsmith, Harvard professor and former Indianapolis mayor; Lawrence Burns, a former General Motors R&D executive who advocated hydrogen fuel cells; and transportation consultant Mortimer Downey, a former long-serving deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation.


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