Utility installs locking manhole covers ahead of Final Four

March 26, 2015

An Indianapolis power company says it is inspecting all downtown manholes and underground electrical vaults and installing more locking manhole covers ahead of next week's men's Final Four.

Indianapolis Power & Light Co. said Thursday it has enlisted 50 technicians from Ohio and Illinois to help inspect about 1,300 manholes and vaults in the utility's downtown underground network.

IPL also is installing 16 additional locking manhole covers in high-traffic areas near Final Four activities. The covers are designed to pop up only a few inches in cases of extreme pressure in manholes.

The moves come a week after underground explosions caused by electrical arcing shot manhole covers into the air at a busy downtown Indianapolis intersection. The incident cut power to hundreds, but no one was injured.

The explosions prompted the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to open a formal investigation.


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