IU researchers get grant to study growing 'makers movement'

September 4, 2015

Two Indiana University researchers are leading a study of the growing "makers movement" that's being driven by designers, tinkerers and inventors.

The IU-Bloomington researchers were recently awarded a $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation to study "making" as a potential force in the U.S. economy.

IU associate professors of informatics and computing Shaowen Bardzell and Jeffrey Bardzell say these "makers" aren't just dabbling in a hobby, but are part of a big and growing business sector.

Some of the objects created by these makers include interactive clothing, custom circuit boards and homemade robots.

University of Michigan researcher Silvia Lindtner is helping the IU pair with the study.

Their research will focus on studying maker success stories in China, Taiwan and the American Midwest.


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