Bike lanes help drivers, too

December 12, 2015

On behalf of all Indianapolis cyclists, I’d like to apologize to IBJ Publisher Greg Morris for adding an extra two minutes to his commute each morning [Morris: Downtown no longer good for cars, Nov. 16 IBJ]. Whenever the city adds a new piece of cycling infrastructure, it takes most drivers a bit of time to adjust. The best advice we have for drivers is to slow down, stay alert, and drive with caution—three things we should already be doing.

In fact, drivers should love the new lanes. Not only do they makes the roads safer, but with more people feeling comfortable riding their bike instead of driving, in time, the streets will be a lot less congested.

Indianapolis has made huge strides in becoming more bicycle-friendly because Mayor Greg Ballard realized early in his first term that in order to appeal to new generations of residents, we need to give them the transportation options they desire. Economically, bike lanes pay back massive dividends. A healthier population means lower health-care costs. Fewer cars means less money spent on infrastructure.


Kevin Whited
IndyCog executive director

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