Indiana popcorn production falls after bounty years

February 2, 2016

Indiana produced less popcorn last year because of lower demand and frequent rains.

Purdue University said federal statistics show popcorn production in the state fell by 29 percent last year. That's after bounty crops the two previous years led to a reduction in production during 2015 because of a less demand from processors.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said 310 million pounds of popcorn were produced in Indiana last year. That's compared with about 483 million pounds in 2014 and 414 million pounds in 2013. Less acreage in Indiana also was dedicated to popcorn. About 85,000 acres were planted with popcorn last year. That's compared with 91,000 in 2014.

Agriculture experts also say frequent rain and summer flooded fields affected yields.

Indiana is typically the second-largest popcorn producer in the nation behind Nebraska. The state is home to such well-known producers as Weaver Popcorn Co. (Pop Weaver) in Whitestown and Ramsey Popcorn Co. (Cousin Willie's) in Harrison County.

Orville Redenbacher's, the nation's top-selling brand of popcorn, was founded in Indiana and is now owned by Omaha, Nebraska-based ConAgra Foods.



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