LETTER: Sports analogy fell flat

February 4, 2017

Your lead sentence in the front-page article of IBJ [Going his own way, Jan. 23] read: “Life for Dan Dakich changed course like a crossover dribble when he saw his father’s lifeless body lying on the ground at the Tesla dealership… .” 

I don’t follow sports, never heard of a crossover dribble, don’t know Dan Dakich, didn’t know his dad, and have never been to the Tesla dealership. I am however a fellow human being, sharing the planet with Dan and his late father. I found it in poor taste to use a basketball metaphor when describing something as unfortunate and sad as someone seeing his dead father, and his lifeless body laying on the floor of a local auto dealership.

I realize that this descriptive metaphor was related to what Dan does for a living, but I think it was inappropriate and unnecessary, and that you owe your readers, and particularly Mr. Dakich and his family, an apology.


Rabbi Avi Grossbaum

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