LETTER: Be fair to vape products

April 29, 2017

As a member of the Indiana General Assembly, I understand the need for government to both protect its citizens and encourage businesses to flourish. U.S. Sens. Joe Donnelly and Todd Young currently have the opportunity to do both with the bipartisan Cole-Bishop bill, HR 1136.

Vapor products are a new, potentially life-changing technology that provide many with a viable avenue to tobacco cessation. However, vapor products may have a hard time making it to market due to the current predicate date for tobacco products currently in Food and Drug Administration rules, set at February 2007. Most vapor products didn’t exist in 2007, so this could create the significant problem of rendering almost all vapor products illegal until they would pass through a new FDA approval process. This is a process which most small-scale manufacturers simply could not afford.

HR 1136 modernizes the predicate date rule to August 2016 and allows small businesses to continue to sell, and consumers to buy, these less harmful alternatives to traditional tobacco products. New technology and innovation often require re-evaluation and modernization of outdated government regulations.


State Sen. Greg Taylor

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