Salesforce exec writes about success

June 10, 2017

Then: Cisco senior manager of partner experience

Now: Salesforce vice president of customer and market insights

Age: 41

 Karen Mangia was 10-plus years into her career with Cisco when she was recruited to Salesforce—“ironically,” she said, “at a time when we were partnering and sharing some best practices with Salesforce.” She’s now been at Salesforce for more than a year and has “enjoyed having the opportunity to be part of a company in high-tech that is such a success story in Indianapolis.”

“When you think about the beginnings of Exact Target and becoming Salesforce and now moving into the Chase Tower and continuing to expand in Indianapolis, it’s really fun to be a part of a company that’s having such a significant impact on the community,” she said.

Mangia also has written a book about finding and measuring success on your terms and making sure you’re healthy in the process. “Success with Less” details her struggle to deal with an illness that went chronically undiagnosed for years. She’s happy to report that she’s healthy now.•

—Marc D. Allan


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