Wiley advocates for school choice

June 17, 2017

When the administration of Gov. Mitch Daniels ended in 2013, Betsy Wiley made the short move from the Statehouse to 101 W. Ohio St. to replace now-U.S. Rep. Luke Messer as head of Hoosiers for Quality Education, a statewide not-for-profit that focuses on K-12 education policy and educational choice and also operates the state’s largest scholarship-granting organization as part of the Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

Wiley said she’s proud of the group’s accomplishments in her four-plus years there, including the growth of private and charter school choice in Indiana and what she calls “the engagement of parents in their students’ learning experiences.” She also said she’s happy with the just-concluded legislative session, which yielded an appointed superintendent of public instruction, growth in the tax credit scholarship program, and protection and growth of the voucher program and charter schools.

“We’re excited about the policy steps we’ve taken this year,” she said.•

—Marc D. Allan

Then: Office of Gov. Mitch Daniels deputy chief of staff

Now: Hoosiers for Quality Education president and CEO

Age: 45


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