LETTER: Shocked, stunned, sobered

October 28, 2017

Regarding your front-page story [Poverty explodes in Indy, Oct. 23], I was absolutely, categorically and irrevocably shocked as this seems incredulous.

The federal government defines poverty for 2017 as income of $12,060 for the first person and $24,600 for a family of four. With Indianapolis in 2015 at 21.3 percent of the population in poverty, that is more than one in five people or 175,623. More astounding is Bloomington at 38.2 percent and Gary at 37 percent.

I sensed about four months ago that the economy was (really) back. That makes the metrics on poverty even more alarming and astounding. Thank you, IBJ team, for bringing this disconcerting metric to your readers. I also sense that the vast preponderance of your readers are upsettingly shocked like me.


John R. Gibbs

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