Nucor story was fair and balanced

September 26, 2009

We understand that it’s never easy to report on a dispute between two local companies and we appreciate the balanced way in which you reported the [Sept. 14] Nucor story.

We want to clarify one point and correct another. Our lawyer estimated that our costs “would at least double” if moved to a firm rate. Actually, our projections indicate that the immediate increase would be more than 60 percent.

On the other point, we want to correct the statement that Nucor was on the economic development rate for 10 years. The initial economic development rate was in place for eight years, through July of 1997. For the last 12 years, Nucor has taken interruptible service under a cost-based rate.

Nucor Steel Crawfordsville and our community have together enjoyed great success over the last 20 years. We look forward to many more years of continuing innovation and production from our plant.


Ron Dickerson

Vice president and general managerNucor, Crawfordsville plant

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