More offbeat advice for job-seekers

October 3, 2009

Mickey Maurer’s article on job openings had some excellent suggestions, but let me add the following:

• You could become a talking head on MSNBC. You can use sophomoric jokes to describe a significant portion of the citizenry that is against the unconstitutional role of government in our lives. And when no one watches you there, maybe you can take your idiocy to “Football Night in America” and scare off those fans, too.

• Become a community organizer, helping to organize a taxpayer-funded organization that apparently sees no problem with child pornography, tax evasion, mortgage fraud and who knows what else.

• Become a czar. Don’t worry if you have radical ideas. There is no vetting process and virtually no accountability.

• Have the 7th Congressional District bequeathed to you by your grandmother. Don’t concern yourself with qualifications or public debate.

• Go to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, universally known as retirement homes for washed-up corrupt politicians, and help cause a worldwide financial crisis. When you’re done, you can put all the blame on Wall Street while you blackmail them into buying your toxic assets.

• But the best job of all? President of the USA. And don’t worry if you are by far the least-qualified and -experienced candidate in either party. Has anyone realized that this joke on us was elected president?


John Skel

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