Forget visiting the Berry Bowl

October 10, 2009

[In response to Bill Benner’s Oct. 5 column] You can cross off your list watching basketball at the Berry Bowl.

I was born and raised in Logansport and graduated in 1969. I was a student manager on the basketball team for three years and attended many wonderful home games in the Berry Bowl. Alas, a new school was built in the early ’70s and the old school, including the wonderful Berry Bowl, was torn down. There is a Marsh grocery store there now.

The new gym is also called the Berry Bowl, but it bears no resemblance to the old Berry Bowl or any other kind of bowl. I did go to some basketball games there in the mid-’70s, but there was nothing eventful or special about them. I have not lived in Logansport since the late ’70s but I do return frequently to visit.

The old gym was truly shaped like a bowl. It was set up a lot like a football stadium, with seating all around. When the house was packed, it was a special place. Perhaps the new Berry Bowl has taken on a special significance since I was last there, but I suspect that the Berry Bowl you are hoping to see can only be perceived in pictures. You will not hear the roar of the crowd in the Marsh parking lot.


Bruce Jones

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