Former Indiana AG Hill leading mock grand jury against Fauci, website says

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Curtis Hill

Former Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has a new job as the lead on the legal team in a fake grand jury to investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci, according to the organizing group’s website.

The Daily Beast first reported Wednesday about the right-wing-conservative-led organization called “America’s Grand Jury,” and named Hill as one of its leaders. The group is charging people—from $25 up to $10,000—to become a juror, its website says.

America’s Grand Jury did not immediately return requests for comment on Wednesday. Hill could not immediately be reached for comment at the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a Washington, D.C., think tank, where he is a senior fellow.

From April 11 to April 15, America’s Grand Jury says on its website that it will hold live-streamed presentations of Fauci’s fake prosecution with evidence and witness testimony from prominent COVID-19 vaccine opponents, including Dr. Robert Malone and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The paying members of the mock grand jury will then vote on whether to “indict” Fauci—a move that has no real legal power. Fauci is head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and guided the initial pandemic response under former President Donald Trump.

Hill is listed as one of two attorneys leading the prosecution in the “Team Bios” page on the group’s website. He has also been promoted on its social media and promotional videos as leading the legal team.

“America’s Grand Jury” posted a photo of Hill on social media Wednesday, with a quote credited to him reading, “Even though America’s Grand Jury is a mock investigation into Fauci and the government agencies overseeing our nation’s health services, the evidence gathered is factual information and will be presented for real world application of the law.”

Joining Hill on the legal team is Parisa Fishback, a California attorney who has also formed a group to fight against COVID-19 vaccine mandates in California, according to the event’s website and social media posts.

Hill has, until recently, kept a relatively low profile since he lost his re-election bid at the 2020 Indiana GOP convention, when Republicans selected Attorney General Todd Rokita as their nominee. He had lost favor with the Indiana Republican Party following allegations in 2018 that he drunkenly groped four women at a legislative party. Hill denied wrongdoing, but the Indiana Supreme Court suspended his law license for 30 days.

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18 thoughts on “Former Indiana AG Hill leading mock grand jury against Fauci, website says

    1. RFK Jr., Dr. Malone and the drunken groper … Calling them “Moe, Larry and Curly” would be an insult to Moe, Larry and Curly.

    1. What, Curtis got turned down for selling Amway or Pampered Chef and had to turn to this to make ends meet?

      Charging people to be on a grand jury and claiming that the outcome will stand up in a court of law. What a joke. This is what Todd Rokita is an upgrade over. Exceedingly minor, but an upgrade nonetheless.

      Care to defend this fraud, Bob P? Since you just last week told us that Hill wasn’t the problem, it was those RINO establishment Republicans and Democrats who has it in for Hill because he was … such a promising political candidate. They practically forced the Fireball shots down his throat.

    2. Fauci is the modern American Mengele. You’re better off getting medical advice from Joe Rogan. Or Nicki Minaj. Or David Icke.

  1. Despite repeated attempts over the past several years to smear Dr. Fauci with half-truths and outright lies (happily repeated on the Fox News channel, NewsMax, and other extreme right-wing propaganda outlets), Republicans such a Hill are the ones dogged by legal and ethical problems. They have no shame.

  2. More piling-on by liberal commenters, as usual. Curtis Hill Jr. was an excellent opportunity for The Republican Party to make inroads into the black community, but the good-ole-boy GOP power brokers chickened out and abandoned him. I’ve had several one-on-one conversations with Mr. Hill and found him to be a fine man, albeit no more or less perfect than any of the woke folks commenting here who have probably never met him and relish in his unfortunate indiscretions one evening at a bar / party with Democrat women from The Region. Hill should have known better, but that indiscretion should not invalidate his many standing and potential contributions to a better Indiana and a better country.

    Do the first five folks who commented here have blemish-free personal records and wouldn’t mind if their entire lives were available on video for all to view?

    1. He was an equal opportunity grabber that night, Bob. He also is being sued by a fellow Republican.

      If you want to be a political official, you’re held to a higher standard. If you don’t want that, don’t run for office.

    2. If Hill should be upset with anyone, it’s the people he was out with that night who abandoned him – before he got to the bar – and didn’t pull him out of there. Start with being mad at those folks.

      Also… a reminder that Curtis was sorry about his actions in interviews with legislative leaders right until the news went public, at which time he decided to take the Trump “deny everything” approach. Fools some people but not all.

    3. Well, I’ve never assaulted anyone, so there’s that. Your need to point out that they were women “from The Region” has a nice tinge of racism, classism, sexism, or a mix of all three.

      Curtis Hill is currently engaging in a grift operation charging people up to $10k to participate in a mock trial, let’s not pretend that he’s some kind of upstanding public servant. What happened that night is 110% his fault and he never truly paid the consequences for it. He was belligerent, defiant, and played victim the whole time. He can disappear into the background and we will be better off for it.

      Sorry not sorry.

    4. So I have to personally meet the ex-attorney general before I can accept the facts of his immoral acts and declare him to be a predator? Sorry, but my critical analysis and gut instincts are aline good enough to know a flawed politician when I see one.

    5. Don’t be foolish if you’re the AG…If you do, you deserve your life to be exposed. Dumb move. Dumb guy. All of it dumb!

  3. “If you want to be a political official, you’re held to a higher standard.”

    The opposite of that statement is the truth.

    All career politicians are scumbags – both sides.

    1. There’s three ways to cut down on some of their shenanigans: 1) be forced to resign your position to campaign for another office, even if it’s school board member running for mayor, and especially for Congress Critters looking at POTUS; 2) any positions (e.g. Congress) cannot have lifetime pensions; 3) sensible term limits. Without those three in toto, things are a little *too* cushy for people who come to believe they are “chosen” (and I don’t mean elected)

  4. Seriously, there are still people out there defending Fauci? At this point, he is nothing close to a doctor and only a career politician.

    That is to say nothing of this ridiculous “Grand Jury”. So, one can and should think both Fauci and the idea are both nonsense.