Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra to require COVID-19 vaccinations for concert audiences

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, whose fall season begins Sept. 17, will require audience members to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test effective immediately, the organization announced Thursday.

Guests will also be required to wear face masks, regardless of vaccination status.

As an interim measure, guests can show either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction test, or PCR test, taken within 72 hours of show time. The symphony will not accept results from rapid COVID-19 tests or antigen tests.

The testing option is available only until Nov. 1. Starting on that date, individuals must prove they are fully vaccinated in order to attend a performance.

Children younger than 12 are exempt from the vaccine requirement since a vaccine is not available for that age group. All children older than 2 must wear a face mask.

“The dramatic rise in COVID-19 infections in Central Indiana made it necessary for us to rethink our vaccination, testing and mask policies,” ISO CEO James Johnson said in a prepared statement. “To safeguard the health and security of our guests, performers, staff and volunteers, we believe this is the safest and most equitable way to provide in-person, live performances.”

The symphony will use the smartphone app Bindle as a means of verifying vaccination status.

A growing number of venues and arts organizations are moving towards vaccination and COVID-19 testing requirements in an effort to safely hold in-person events as coronavirus case counts continue to rise.

Earlier this month, the Arts Council of Indianapolis and the Indiana Independent Venue Alliance announced they were partnering with Bindle to provide a means for venues to verify patrons’ vaccination or COVID-19 test status. Individuals can download the app and input their information, which then creates an entry pass they will show when they arrive at the performance.

California-based Live Nation Entertainment, which promotes events and operates venues around the U.S., has announced it plans to require either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test for all artists, fans and employees beginning Oct. 4.

Some local concerts at Live Nation venues have already imposed this requirement, including the Maroon 5 show at Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville on Aug. 21 and the Jason Isbell show at TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park this past Tuesday.

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31 thoughts on “Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra to require COVID-19 vaccinations for concert audiences

  1. They’ve always have been financially struggling and now in the name of deceitful fraudulent leftist sheepdom they will bankrupt themselves out of existence.

    1. Agree, Freedom has a cost. This is a slippery slope…..though vaccinated, we will not participate in this lunacy.

  2. Vaccinated, but I will never “show my papers” for entry. This is garbage, my medical history is not their ticket to admission. Cancelling my annual, will not be back until this changes.

    1. David, perfectly acceptable, that is your personal freedom to do so, that’s how it works. Not sure if your snarkiness is serious, if so, be certain to do a 17D subscription, 2 seats, first mezzanine, so that you can truly offset my “agenda”, dollar for dollar.

    1. I hope they don’t start requiring specific apps for holding your proof. It will be like my work meeting apps or ticketing apps where I think I have about 10 of them on my phone now. I have the pdf’s saved from my insurance company and doctor both, but realize they will not have time to scrutinize different sets of proof and it’s too easy to copy a paper card and flash that. I imagine it will be like a drivers license soon except instead of “Real ID” you will have a Covid star on it. Something that goes into my Apple wallet would be best.

    2. I saw on their facebook today that they are going to provide an alternative to people who can’t download the app

    1. Wesley H. –
      But wait…isn’t their fan base the MAGA cult members who vowed to boycott the pro games because the unpatriotic players kneeled during the national anthem? Hmmm…

  3. Is this such a terrible requirement in exchange for to protecting our friends and neighbors? We can’t pitch in to stop the spread of the virus? Or are 600,000 deaths not enough to convince us that this is real and we need to stop this from spreading?

    1. Well, the vaccinated can still get infected and shed virus to infect others, although it appears they do so for a shorter period of time.
      However, it’s also a matter of who now owns that information (ie is it the Chinese Communist Party, who created Tik Tok), where do they store it, to whom do they sell or rent it, and, as with Tik Tok, are there other data gathering aspects to the phone app that might put other information on your phone or linked to your phone at risk? Bindle is not from china and appears to be designed to protect privacy of your information, but it will take cyber security people to make sure it doesn’t have spyware. And, yes, I am now wary of any app before I download it.

  4. What’s so hard to understand about social responsibility to protect others? If you lived alone on an island, exercise your right to think only of your self. While you live among us, rein in that self-centered mentality!!!

  5. To everyone who is complaining about being asked to show proof of vaccination for entry, you better get used to not going anywhere.
    This is going to become the norm for the foreseeable future.

    1. I am vaccinated and encourage other adults to do so. Not a fan of showing vaccine papers. The first 15months of the pandemic already got us used to not going anywhere. Many people have survived a long time without going to concerts and arena events. I’d be more supportive of ‘passports for entry’ had the vaccines actually prevented the vaccinated from getting and transmitting the virus. Since they don’t, I assume anyone around me can transmit the virus. Thus, I care much more about the ventilation in indoor spaces than if you’re vaccinated. I would prefer places like the symphony spend money to improve ventilation versus paying fees to an app to give a false sense of safety.

  6. Can’t wait to see how the right-wingers who view this as a threat to their “liberty” react when their employers follow Delta Airlines lead and starting charging their employees $200 a month more for their health insurance to cover the higher risk and likely need for costlier medical care due to Covid. Then what…?

    1. You realize left wingers and people who don’t care right or left are unvaccinated too don’t you? People will have to make choices. I hope we can help more people see the vaccines are safe and can help keep them from dying, so they choose to get vaccinated. If not, then they may end up getting it solely to keep a job or not incur costs. Some will quit or get fired and try to do something else. If you support Delta charging more, I just hope you are lucky enough not to have any health condition or genetic susceptibility that might create more cost for your employer. It’s a really slippery slope. Will Delta pay the 20% copays if someone who gets the vaccine and is one of the small percentage of people with serious side effects needs medical treatment?

    2. Diane P. –
      From your two comments I infer you are willing to let “the perfect be the enemy of the good.” But no aspect in life is ever perfect, so we accept good. Also true: life is not always fair…and every constitutional right has its restrictions for the good of society.

  7. Something to consider when making your decision……

    To use the My Bindle app you are required to provide personal information, vaccination record and a picture of yourself to verify your identity.

    Their Privacy Policy on their their web site states:

    “Unfortunately, data transmission over the Internet cannot be guaranteed as completely secure. Therefore, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of personal information.”

    The policy further states that they will also will share your personal information (but not your medical information) with affiliates and third party service providers. They also monitor your online activity data and device data.

    1. Those cows have already left the barn. Not much different than any other online platform or interaction with healthy care and insurance companies.

    2. Brent B. –
      I’m not naive. I know that it is like any other online platform. The difference for me is that I really don’t have an option if I want to do business with a given insurance company or healthcare provider. I think the fewer places your personal info resides, the less chance it can be compromised or used by marketers. I respect the right of ISO to determine the rules for attending an event. It then becomes my choice if I want to attend under those rules. I have options for entertainment and where I spend discretionary dollars.

  8. Wow! As a responsible adult, I go out of my way to patronize businesses that have my best interests in mind.

    Vaccines and mask required while the other side shouts that they want “the freedom to wreck the public health of America”

  9. A standing ovation to the ISO for adopting policies to keep concertgoers safe and bring live musical performances back. Thank you. Full support here. Keep up the good work.

  10. I commend the ISO leadership for trying to keep everyone safe. However, the Bindle app is only designed for a single user per device. Therefore, since my spouse and I only have one iphone, we would have buy another iphone to provide both of our covid certificates if we want to attend. Hopefully Bindle can re-design their app for multiple certificates on a single device or the ISO could use another vendor who has that capability. Buying another iphone just to attend the ISO, probably not happening.

  11. How many of you mouth breathers complaining about this mandate would ever ACTUALLY go to the Symphony? Their client base is mostly educated people that will be vaccinated anyway. It will not hurt them in the slightest.