Todd Young announces Senate reelection bid

Todd Young at IBJ Oct. 10 2017
U.S. Sen. Todd Young of Indiana. (IBJ file photo)

U.S. Sen. Todd Young, a Republican from Indiana, has announced his reelection campaign.

Young, 48, had widely been expected to seek another term in 2022 and made it official on Twitter on Tuesday morning, saying “more work remains” to be done.

“When you entrusted me with the honor of serving you five years ago, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution,” Young said in a video posted to Twitter. “I also pledged to you that I would work on behalf of all Hoosiers to deliver conservative results. I believe I’ve lived up to my oath and kept my word, but more work remains.”

Young defeated Democrat Evan Bayh, a former governor and senator, for the seat in 2016—a stunning victory that surprised some political pundits at the time.

Prior to running for the Senate, Young represented Indiana’s 9th Congressional District for six years. In 2010, he narrowly won a four-way Republican primary and then defeated Democratic Rep. Baron Hill, riding the tea party wave into Congress.

Prior to serving in Congress, Young worked as an attorney living in Bloomington.

He is a Naval Academy graduate, former Marine Corps intelligence officer and aide to former Sen. Richard Lugar.

Young enters his reelection campaign with a significant war chest. At the end of 2020, Young reported having nearly $2.4 million cash on hand.

No other Republican has announced plans to run. So far, one Democrat—Gary Human Relations Commission Executive Director Haneefah Khaaliq—has announced a campaign for the seat.

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30 thoughts on “Todd Young announces Senate reelection bid

    1. Todd swore an oath to the constitution, had to assume a defensive position to protect his colleagues on January 6th from a mob called by the President of the United States to stop the work of Congress…

      … and then turned right around and refused to convict Trump. So much for that oath, Todd. We didn’t have a peaceful transfer of power thanks to spineless politicians like you.

    2. “Everything Trump touches dies…”

      No huge fan of #45, but if we’re talking about death in relation to an election, it’s ironic how the notion of dead voters invariably is associated with Democrats. Always has been, in fact. Detroit? Memphis? St. Louis?

      And, predictably, lots of hand-wringing about 1/6 while the Maoist party engaged in their Cultural Revolution for seven previous months, up to the point that the Old Gray Lady (that joke of a newspaper) was honestly pondering last summer if we should blow up Mt Rushmore. I’m not excusing what happened on January 6–I think quite a few imbeciles should spend some time in jail–but the predictable choir here sure is defending all the violence and mayhem that occurred in the months prior. Probably why it’s still happening on an almost nightly basis in Portland and Seattle (the neo-Confederacy?). That, and the local law enforcement keeps bailing out rioters aligned with the Democratic party. No different from the Dixiecrats of 60 years ago; just a different demographic target this time around.

    3. I hope the trump supporter charged with voter fraud faces the full extent of the law.

      What about the millions of orchestrated fraud efforts–ballot harvesting from nursing homes, mail fraud, Dominion voting machines, intimidation of poll watchers, death threats to people who filed affidavits–on behalf of the party of Jim Crow and Tammany Hall? Is it all fake news because your preferred propaganda outlets didn’t report them? Do you care about them, Joe? Course ya don’t.

      Rudy Giuliani, who remains America’s Mayor, understands and organized crime ring when he sees one. It’s why they elected him thirty years ago. It’s not like the Democrats who preceded him were going to do anything about it, and more than today’s Dems (and far too many of today’s GOP) will do anything about CCP incursions.

    4. It’s all fake news because the courts told me it was fake news. Even the judges Trump appointed said his cases were nonsense. What’s your answer to losing every case in court? Even the Supreme Court – with a 6-3 conservative majority – laughed Trump’s lawyers out of court.

      “No huge Trump fan”. Yeah, right. Little wonder you’re too embarrassed to use your first name.

  1. I will be voting twice by mail then for the Senator under the new Dem voting concept due to my fear of public polling places to cancel out the votes of David and Michael lol

    1. Good one, Andrew. (Michael and David are so open-minded, aren’t they? David: your attitude is the primary reason we have a globalist, anti-American, billionaire-controlled, confused, dementia-addled temporary President…until the powers controlling him decide it is time to put him out to pasture and install the real socialist they planned on all along, Kamala “Horizontal” Harris. Thanks for nothing in that regard.)

    2. David G, shouldn’t you be telling that to the party who tried to impeach him even after they had already rigged the election to ensure only one term? The Orange Buffoon is gone and golfing and living rent-free in your heads. Why do you continue to see him as such a threat? Is it because he was so successful in revealing how propaganda and fraud are all that keep the Democrat’s Potemkin Village operational in 2021?

  2. I like Senator Young and I feel he has done an excellent job serving in the Senate. He has supported legislation that has had and continues to have a positive impact on people’s lives. To have a Senator that actually reads bills and then listens to people that are impacted before he votes, seems like a good quality in an elected official.

  3. He’s better than Mike Braun but that’s not saying much. Had the last 2 years not happened, I’d probably consider voting for both them. In fact, I did vote for Braun. But I am voting whoever runs against Todd Young and when Braun is up for reelection, I’ll be voting against him too.

  4. Joe B you really need to take a deep breath and stop being such a hater. You’re going to flip your lid when Donald J Trump resurfaces as our President due to foreign interference and blatantly steeling of votes from Trump and 75,000,000+ Americans. Sometimes I read your comments and actually think you might have a brain and then you go and show me how wrong I am.

    1. Debbie, I have a brain all the time. That’s why I don’t repeat the Qanon nonsense that all the Trumpublicans buy. And I’m humble, too!

      Maybe Trump wouldn’t have faced so much opposition from Democrats if he hadn’t acted like a guilty man the last five years. The phrase “fine, here’s my tax returns” would have gone a long way to silence a lot of people … and if he had nothing to hide, why not win bigly and release that information?

      Donald Trump has done more to harm American democracy than any other individual in the history of America. When the historians look back at why China moved ahead of America and became the country leading the world, they will point to the election of Trump as America’s big mistake. Instead of focusing on other more pressing matters, we have to deal with the internal threat faced by the Republican Party, because they’re so afraid of losing power to people who aren’t “real Americans” that they’re willing to destroy the country.

      And when the history of the Republican Party is written, their downfall will be tied to Trump too. Their last off ramp was February 13th and they were too cowardly to take it, with their reliance on base voters who are fed misinformation and hatred.

    2. Debbie, several of these posters forfeited their brains a few years ago. Used to have good observations. Now they’re just Howdy Doody dolls for the legacy media. Can you imagine still thinking the NYT or CNN are credible news sources when the footage that they deliberately remove to skew a narrative is widely available? I mean, if CNN is going to lie about #45 feeding a fish in Japan, what WON’T they lie about? Even formerly “centrist” sites like NBC deliberately excise footage to get the most partisan narrative possible. E.G., they consciously removed the abundant evidence that Kyle Rittenhouse was attacked first by rampaging rioters who sought to kill him, before he ever opened fire during the Kenosha riots. NBC pulled those key details out. So don’t think any of them will ever cover the nightly leftwing riots that are still taking place in several American cities to this day.

      By this point, the legacy media is basically “QAnon for Leftists”–except that it gets treated with sincerity and credibility by people who are smart enough to appreciate grammatical sentences and cosmopolitan references, yet too stupid not to know that they too can be gaslit at times. They are moral narcissists and they love the media that gives them a spin that makes their ideology seem righteous 100% of the time. They cannot accept a world where their ethics fail them, so they live in a fantasy while their downtowns turn to putrid homeless camps with plywood in the windows. (“Nothing to see here, folks!”)

      China is lurching ahead of America because the current electorally rigged dementia patient has pockets weighted down with their money. He calls the genocide of Uyghurs “different cultural norms”. And media outlets that these people slobberingly follow are just as beholden to the yuan. Meanwhile, their essentially-open-borders policy has made Trump supporters out of astonishingly high numbers of immigrants–the legal kind. Having gone to the aftermath of a rally last summer, I was amazed by all the Chinese and Vietnamese Americans–even some Arabs and lots of Latinos–who are tired of being made into suckers by a political wing that undermines an already generous immigration policy.

      It is fun watching such an astonishing demonstration of Dunning-Krieger Effect as Joe B. He really is the definition of confirmation bias, yet only can accuse everyone else who disagrees with him of being wrong, so he’s here daily to put out little ideological forest fires. Can you imagine thinking you were right 100% the way Joe B does? Sheesh, if I did, I might still be generally a supporter of Democrats as well.

    3. I know I’m not right 100% of the time, I’m married. But I am 100% certain I’m right more often than you are. You’re welcome to refute any of Debbie’s Qanonsense… but you chose to attack me and veer into other topics. You do give a sheen of intellectualism to your nonsense, I must admit.

      Having to vote Democrat is not ideal, but it beats the heck out of voting for the current lot of Trumpublicans who have given up on America and look to Donald Trump as their salvation. What’s truly embarrassing is the Republican Party of Reagan and Lugar has devolved to this current lot of imbeciles who I am amazed hold drivers licenses, much less hold elected office. Forget the national idiots like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Matt Gaetz or Ted Cruz. Look at what Indiana has to offer. From Mike Braun to Jim Banks to Jack Sandlin to John Jacob, it’s useless the entire way down.

      This is a Republican Party for whom Indiana governor Eric Holcomb is not conservative enough. And, yes, I voted for him this November. He was the only Republican worth a vote on my ballot.

      It’s sad the number of people who ignore the authoritarian tendencies of the Republican Party due to what they perceive is the danger of socialism, but Republicans have always been superior to Democrats when it comes to messaging regardless of the accuracy of the message. Witness how Republicans were the Rule of Law party until the rule of law said they lost an election … then it wasn’t so much about the Rule of Law or respecting the police, was it? But please, continue to harping on and on about what happens in Portland Oregon.

    4. If you have a 10-year-old’s understanding of human nature, like most leftists, you’ll see righteousness in rioting–which is why leftists have always rioted at the drop of a hat. It’s what they do. As someone who read and used to support Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, this is how they get their way: throw infantile temper tantrums until the other team relents. 60 years of “Rule of Law” GOPers sighing and saying, “Oh….okay, since you insist” is where we are. The left win 98% of arguments because 98% of GOP let them. For the first time 100 years, they face a Prez who says no 51% of the time and they’re slipping on their own diarrhea. And that Prez was 95% bark and 5% bite. “Hate speech!” the toddlers squeal. And they start objecting him on things they used to support—such as cutting back the warmongering and protecting American industry.

      Do you plan to out their and riot with the left for whom you continually apologize? You can join Romney and Sasse and the others who think their vision is still relevant. They’re the ones busy lecturing their constituents what “conservatism” means. Here’s a hint, Mitt: you are a public servant. You don’t preside over your electorate. If they want populism more than neo-con handwringing, that’s what they’re going to vote for. If the left wants Marxist posturing even if it means destroying the jurisdictions where it’s being incubated, well, let the people burn their own cities down. The Confederate States of Oregon and Washington are democracy in action. And the scores of businesses and normal people leaving those warzones are democracy too. People vote with their feet. You too Joe: if you think you’re smarter than working class people or small biz owners, then yes, the Democrat party IS the perfect home for you.

      And, to preserve a Portland reference (since I’m overdue), you can continue to operate with ideological blinders on–it’s what you do best–but Portland today is Indy and basically any other American city in 10-15 years. They all went down the tubes at about the same time in the middle of the 20th Century. They all rioted in sync during Fentanyl Floyd’s death. Hivemindedness is the leftist way. It often achieves great things in terms of making some delightfully vibrant and interesting urban places; but the dysfunction is also right there across the tracks, and just as Democrat-run as the trendy prog areas. They go hand in hand. A match made in purgatory.

    5. And, to close all posting for me on this subject, you note that Todd Young was “WAS ONE OF THE WITNESSES of what happened on January 6th”. Has it ever occurred to you that he might have based his judgment on empirical evidence and not the media hyperbole? That he knows what really happened–that, as bad as it was, it was completely over in 2.5 hours and they had no problem certifying the election in the appropriate Chamber?

      Meanwhile, five miles away from the US Capitol (or however far it is), huge portions of downtown DC are still a ghost town, plywood shells and graffiti tags on federal buildings, thanks to persistent leftist rioting that went almost completely unpunished. The Dems are GREAT at messaging because they have all the support of the media. They’re responsible for 98% of the disorder but they can easily deflect and hone in on the other 2% and fool half the country.

      Keep reaffirming the propaganda that you use to confirm your bias. You hate half your countrymen and support the media that punches down at them and kicks them. It’s not like they have any great institutions to support them. (Note that I never quote from Fox News…or any news source for that matter. They’re all corporate hacks.) I’m not working class, but I “check my privilege” and know which group ain’t gettting represented in Washington. And that group doesn’t have a race or gender or orientation or religion–it’s situational and conditional. And the conditions being sewn for the demise of the middle class are coming from the people who control the purse strings and write the bills and pretend to care about it all.

      Unfortunately, the Dixiecrats are back and in control and they’ve found a new set of–well, you know the word we’d use.

    6. No, I wouldn’t use that word. Maybe you’d use that word, but I don’t… That’s one of the many things you got wrong about me.

      What’s truly hysterical about the populist movement is the lack of awareness of what’s really behind it and the inability to actually solve the problems of voters. For instance, those populist politicians claim they’re upset against the threat from China … but not upset enough to support the multiple decade effort it would take to rebuild the supply chains needed to protect against the threat from China when it comes to semiconductors or PPE or whatever.

      Because that kind of response would take a coordinated public-private partnership, and those populists came to power telling people the lie that government is incapable of doing anything. So they’re rather boxed in there. Further, that kind of response would cost tons of money, which might raise the taxes on those rich elites actually behind the populists, which we can’t have happen… even though it would be far better for America as a whole if we had American workers making a middle class living wage working here in America making computer chips.

      Instead of a coherent response like this to the threat from China, what did those “populist” leaders do? They implemented tariffs … increased costs which were promptly passed along to voters. Genius. But those populists did get their real priority done, a deficit-exploding tax cut for the wealthy donors that will be paid for by … benefit cuts for the middle class voters who put them in office.

      But go on telling me about how awful everything is and how America was “great” back 60 years ago and you’re not represented in Washington and how everything is someone else’s fault. When you’re that angry, you can’t think straight and realize that you’re being played, too. The Tea Party was actually “of the people” for a very short time before the elites took it over. The Trump movement is really no different – “the people” getting played by elites, who have them distracted with a right wing media movement that keeps them isolated and distrustful from that reality. It’s a great scam if you can swing it.

      Just remember what Trump said as he watched folks storm the Capitol … he was more worried the crowd looked “low class” than that the mob was beating LEO’s. But, of course, “dear leader” would never say anything like that, would he? He’s a man of the people just like you!

  5. “When you entrusted me with the honor of serving you five years ago, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution,” …“I also pledged to you that I would work on behalf of all Hoosiers to deliver conservative results. I believe I’ve lived up to my oath and kept my word, but more work remains.”

    No, you did not live up to your oath, Senator. You did nothing while a President undermined American democratic values and trashed our Constitution. Because of enablers like you, for the first time in our nation’s history, we did not have a peaceful transition of power. And as far as “conservative values,” pray tell what conservative values does Trump represent? You abdicated your responsibility to hold President Trump accountable and provide meaningful oversight of the Trump administration. That you Senator Young aren’t as bad as some of the other Senators, including the God-awful Senator Mike Braun, does not make you deserving of a second term. I am a lifelong Republican who enthusiastically supported you in 2014, but never again.