Firms put off paying, despite easing financial pressure

The trend toward small businesses’ delaying payments appears to have leveled off, but it’s still unclear how soon—or even whether—receivables will return to the 30 days that was standard for most businesses before the recession began in December 2007.

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Indianapolis investment adviser Gene Tanner in it for the long haul

At 78, L. Gene Tanner is one of the longest-serving investment advisers working in Indianapolis. Tanner spoke with IBJ's Norm Heikens about why he shifted to City Securities, his brush with convicted Ponzi scheme operator Bernard Madoff, and how his investment strategy has changed.

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Prepare for a (good) schools arms race

Imagine a future in which Indiana school districts bid up salaries for star teachers to $100,000 or more to develop a district specialty in a field like science or math, and cause students to excel.

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