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You-review-it Monday

January 25, 2010

Go Colts.

Clearly a certain playoff game dominated the entertainment offerings this weekend. But there was more going on and I hope you'll take a minute to post what you saw, heard or otherwise experienced this weekend.

For me, the weekend started with the Indiana Repertory Theatre's "Romeo and Juliet" (more on that in next week's print IBJ). I also caught up with "The Hurt Locker" on DVD (powerful stuff that is more a very tense mood piece then a narrative film) and read Robert Sikoryak's brilliantly oddball 2009 book "Masterpiece Comics," which morphs popular comic strip characters with great works of literature. The result is highlighted by a concise "Candide" as a series of Ziggy panels, Camus by way of Superman, and Blondie and Dagwood as Adam and Eve. Indiana's own Garfield is included...as a key player in "Dr. Faustus."

How about you?

And, even if you didn't leave the house, do ou have any thoughts on the pair of American Idolers who sang the National Anthem for the playoff games?

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