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Critical mass with Dance Kaleidoscope (and free pizza)

April 27, 2011

"Conversations with David" is a regular feature in the Dance Kaleidoscope lineup, offering a chance for those interested in dance--from the completely uninitiated to the hardcore fan to the seasoned pro--to learn more about the art, culture and commerce of this challenging form.

This time out, I've been invited to join DK's David Hochoy and a panel that includes Rita Kohn of Nuvo, Tom Alvarez of examiner.com and Jay Harvey of the Indianapolis Star in what promises to be a lively conversation about the role of the critic here in Indianapolis. Details here.

The event is free (and includes pizza from Bazbeaux. If you are interested in attending of need more information, call 940-8459 or e-mail here.   

Whether you make it or not, I'd like to hear your thoughts on arts criticism in Indianapolis. What are we doing right and what are we doing wrong. What would you like to see more of or see less of? And where do you see criticism going in an increasingly electronic age?

Your thoughts?

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