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You-review-it Monday

May 2, 2011

Many of you no doubt spent Sunday night (and Monday morning) glued to the TV watching history happen.

But before the big news, there was a weekend. What did you do with it on the A&E front?

For me, the busy weekend included a trip to Columbus for a sneak preview of the Miller House, which the IMA will soon be opening up for tours (more on that in an upcoming IBJ column), a look at Actors Theatre of Indiana's "Chicago" (its first show in its new Center for the Performing Arts home), Butler University Theatre's "Small Lives/Big Dreams," and the Indiana Authors Breakfast benefit for the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana.

All of which means I missed the Stutz Artists Open House and much more.

So fill me in. Tell me what you heard or saw this weekend.

Your thoughts?  

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