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You-review-it Monday

February 23, 2009
So what did you do this weekend?  

For me, an outstanding arts weekend included the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra/Indianapolis Museum of Art presentation of Buster Keaton's "The General" (note to ICO/IMA: please put another one onto next year's schedule) and Storytelling Arts of Indiana's presentation of the hilarious and very moving Kevin Kling. In both case, the audience felt as much a part of the show as the talent, making the cold evenings felt very, very warm. With these back-to-back nights, it felt great to be in Indianapolis.

There was also the Oscars, of course, which I'm sure kept most of us out of the movie theaters on Sunday. I managed to guess 11 of the winners (Happy to see Sean Penn win, but I thought it would go to Mickey Rourke).

Your thoughts on the Oscar telecast or your other A&E activities this weekend?
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