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After-show receiving lines

March 11, 2009
There's a lively--to say the least--discussion going on over at www.indianaauditions.com (primarily frequented by those in the local theater community). And I thought I'd drag the topic over here, where most of our readers aren't in the business, for your perspectives.

The subject: the practice of some theaters of including a receiving line after the show.

How do you feel, after a play or concert, when you find actors in costume lined up to talk to you after the final curtain?

a.) A welcome chance to share your thoughts and/or appreciation with the talent?

b.) An awkward gauntlet to be moved through as quickly as possible?

c.) Something else?

Granted, the practice is primarily used in community theaters, but Theatre on the Square also always seems to have cast members lining its narrow exit.

Your thoughts?
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