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Cultural road tripping

April 22, 2009
I spent a fair amount of yesterday at a meeting with representatives of tourism departments from around the state. Each touted his or her region's attractions--from Lincoln Amphitheatre (back in action this year) to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, from riverboat casinos to the new quilt gardens in Amish country. While some struggled to make a compelling case for even a day trip, much of what I learned yesterday has me looking forward to this summer's excursions.

My question, as we head into the better-weather months: What are some of your favorite places to visit in the state? Where have you found culture, cuisine, canoeing...or anything worth leaving home for?

Further, how far afield are you willing to go for a promising arts experience? I often write about activities in Bloomington and West Lafayette, but what would prompt you to go even further? For the right concert, would you go to the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville (don't bother checking-- there's not much is on the lineup right now)? Which headliners would inspire a trip south to the Horseshoe Casino? ("30 Rock"/"SNL" star Tracy Morgan is coming in May.) Is there a favorite play you'd be willing to trek to see at Theatre at the Centre in Munster or the New Harmony Theatre?

Your thoughts?
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