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Live … from the big screen

December 19, 2007
A few weeks back in my IBJ Daily A&E e-mail blast (you can subscribe for free here: http://www.ibj.com/2k6_2/forms/regform_nh.asp),  I wrote about a recent presentation of a LaScala opera on screen at the Rave movie theater at Metropolis.

Last night, at Regal Circle Centre, I noticed a poster for the upcoming live broadcasts of six Metropolitan Opera productions there.

And I learned in today’s New York Times that the San Francisco Opera is joining the fray, broadcasting six operas a year directly to theaters. And Royal Opera of London has similar plans in the works.

Consider, too, that movie theaters are soon going to be screening the recent sold-out Hannah Montana teen rock concert.

So are we ready to go to the movies to see opera performances and current rock concerts?

Are there other uses for movie theaters we haven’t thought of?

What live events that you couldn’t make it to would you be willing to pay movie theater prices to see?

I’m also interested in whether an opera broadcast in a movie theater could be eligible for an Academy Award (but I don’t expect you to know the answer to that).

Your thoughts?
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