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Cows, racecars … and now pianos?

March 18, 2008
Ever since the Chicago cows appeared in 1999, city marketers and arts folks have been trying to find attention-getting gimmicks to boost awareness of their towns’ coolness. Many of these—including our very own artist-decorated race cars—have been reactive rather than innovative.

In Birmingham, England, though, something interesting is happening on the streets right now—spontaneous music. Seemingly out of nowhere, 15 pianos have appeared and are being played by anyone who feels like taking a seat on their benches.

The project—according to a story at guardian.com—is the brainchild of Luke Jerram, an artist previously responsible for putting an orchestra in hot air balloons for a morning serenade.

To my ears, the “Play Me, I’m Your’s” project (which ends on Easter) is a truly great idea—one that should open our minds to our own, unique possibilities here in Indy.

Your thoughts?
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