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Ribbit redux

April 2, 2008
I was jazzed to take my kids to revisit Actors Theatre of Indiana’s “A Year with Frog and Toad” last weekend at The Children’s Museum, where a truncated version is being presented free with museum admission.

Unfortunately some rights issues kept the company from presenting the musical version. Instead, the cast had to resort to book-in-hand presentation of the Arnold Lobel’s original stories.

The result? While it didn’t have the theatrical magic of the musical, the offering entertained kids, maintained the charm of the original and effectively showcased ATI’s professional troupe and production values.

Even without the intended script and songs, this was quality children’s theater that didn’t need apologies. Applause to ATI for making the best of a frustrating (for the troupe) situation. 

FYI: The rights issue was straightened out and the musical is now back on the boards through April 20. I might just try again. (You can find a performance schedule here.)

In the meantime, tell me about your experiences with children’s theater (whether as a kid or as a parent). When, for you, does it work and when doesn’t it?

Your thoughts?
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