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On the brink of IndyFringe 2008

August 19, 2008
IndyFringe 2008 launches this week with a kick-off party Thursday and performances beginning on Friday.

This year's lineup includes 270 performances of 53 shows--including one-act plays, improvisational comedy, dance pieces, magic acts, confessional one-person shows and difficult-to-describe oddities.

As in the past, the shows aren't vetted. For an act to be included in the festival, it merely has to sign up on time and pay an entry fee. The acts themselves get the ticket proceeds, so they have a vested interest in getting you through the door.

Does the format work for you? Are you comfortable dropping $10 on a 50-minute show that could be rank amateur or startlingly original?

If you haven't attended, what's keeping you away?

If you are a fringe vet, what do you think can be improved? Do you like to jump in during opening weekend or wait for word of mouth to help advise you on what's worth your time? And what do you think the impact has been of IndyFringe on the overall theater scene in town?

Whatever the case, expect Mass Ave. to liven up considerably over the next two weeks.

Your thoughts?
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