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High school musical memories

October 20, 2008
Between the upcoming release of Disney's "High School Musical 3" in theaters--as both an arts journalist and the father of teenage girls, I know a lot about HSM--and my kid's own real life high school musical (Pike High School's production of "Children of Eden"), I haven't been able to resist flashing back lately to my own experiences in school shows.*

As shoestring as it was, the stage at New Jersey's Wildwood High School was where a big part of where my passion for the arts was born. And I'm guessing many readers of this blog had similar experiences.

So share. And not just those of you who continued your theater careers. Tell us a little of the triumphs and disasters of your high school shows. Who did you play? Or were you backstage? What did you take with you?

Also, I'm very interested in the high school roles played by your bosses. Don't be shy. Ask your CEO or company president if he or she had a part in a high school show. If we get enough response, maybe a photo shoot will be in order.

Your thoughts?

*For the record, I was stage crew for "Sweet Charity," Jonathan, the ugly brother, in "Aresenic and Old Lace," the Captain in "Mr. Roberts," Pepe and the voice of both Maria's father and mother in "West Side Story," and both Kenickie and Sonny in "Grease" (long story).
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