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December 7, 2008
In Sunday's Indianapolis Star, editor Dennis Ryerson commented on staff departures, announcing that "Talk of the Town," Susan Guyett's former column, will continue with another TBA writer. And that Jay Harvey will take over arts reviewing. See the story here.

When I blogged last week on the departure of Guyett, Chris Lloyd, Whitney Smith and Abe Aamidor, we had an overwhelming number of hits on this blog--along with some passionate reaction from readers.

Personally, I'm thrilled that the beat hasn't been abandoned completely. Critical reviews are an essential part of the mix for any city's daily paper. And I look forward to reading what Harvey has to say.

My questions for today:

Does Ryerson's announcement change your reaction to the news at the Star?

And what--as an arts creator, arts patron or someone just looking for a good read--are you going to be looking for from Harvey?

Your thoughts?
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