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Designer presents final plans for Westfield's $25M urban park

January 8, 2016

The final designs of Westfield’s next big investment have been reviewed, and it seems like the task force created to weigh in on the plans is finally pleased with the results.

David Rubin, principal of Philadelphia-based Land Collective, presented the updated designs for the urban park to the Grand Junction Task Force and city residents Thursday night.Grand Junction new

The design process took longer than initially anticipated—construction had been intended to start last year—but officials knew the site would be difficult because Grassy Branch Creek and one of its tributaries bisect on the 10.5-acre property. One of the goals of the park is to prevent future flooding incidents. 

“This project is truly about stormwater abatement,” Rubin said.

But it’s also about creating a place for Grand Park visitors to spend time at and a regular gathering place and event space for Westfield residents.

“This is really about creating a new focus for Westfield, a new center, a new downtown,” Rubin said.

The park, which is located along Jersey Street between Union and Mill streets, is composed of four quadrants, each with a jagged limestone and glass structure. The four pieces were designed to fit together like a puzzle or a grid.

The plaza on the northwest corner near Jersey and Mill streets would include a cafe with a cascading waterfall on one side of the building, outdoor seating and a raised terrace to overlook the park. The space could be used for an ice skating rink in the winter, food truck festivals, outdoor markets or other public events.

South of that would be the great lawn and the stage designed for outdoor concerts, shows and movie screenings. It will be constructed with an overhang to protect performers from rain and will meet Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra standards in the hopes Westfield could host their concerts.

The southwest corner would feature a meadow for open play, raised seating for adults to relax and a bike station. The building in this quadrant would be used for park information.

A sit-down restaurant would be in the northeast side along with an amphitheater and more outdoor seating.

A systems of trails and bridges connect the four parts of the park with a trail head in the southwest quadrant.

“We had some bumps along the road in the past, but I love it,” said Ken Kinghill, who led the volunteer Grand Junction Task Force. “You guys knocked it out of the park.”

Logos and possible advertisements for Grand Junction were also revealed Thursday night.

The park would be branded using a few color palettes and a set of 16 similarly designed icons. The images are intended to coordinate with different events or activities at the park, including an ice skate, music note, pear, running shoe and derby car.

The icons could be used on merchandise for the park, advertisements, wayfinding material and signage.

“I’m really impressed with the level of detail right down to the signage,” council member Steve Hoover said. “I think it’s amazing.”

Mayor Andy Cook reiterated Thursday night that the budget for the project is still $25 million, but the finances are not finalized.

“I would guess we would probably finance that through the Eastside TIF,” Cook said. “We will not undertake this without knowing we can get it completed.”

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