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Democrat Gregg releases first TV ad in governor's race

May 4, 2016

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg is going statewide Thursday with his first TV ad as he gears up for a November rematch with Republican Gov. Mike Pence.

Gregg’s campaign will release the ad “A Day in the Life,” which focuses on income stagnation in Indiana, in all of the state’s media markets.

“Politicians say there are more jobs,” Gregg says in the ad. "Your pocketbook tells you the truth. Wages aren’t keeping up. Utility rates, college, food, it all adds up."

Expect to hear Gregg's wage-stagnation message throughout the campaign as Pence touts his job-creation record. Indiana ranks 39th in the nation for per-capita income.

Gregg also focuses on bipartisanship in the ad.

"I believe Democrats, Republicans and Independents all have good ideas,” Gregg says in the ad. “I believe in hard work, and higher take-home pay instead of higher taxes, and in helping those who need and deserve it."

Gregg campaign spokesman Jeff Harris said that message is resonating with voters statewide.

“It’s an appealing virtue given Pence’s … obsession with social issues and overtly partisan nature. As we travel the state, that’s the sentiment we hear all the time. It doesn’t matter what the party label is. They want a leader. We think his experience makes him the best choice.”

The Pence campaign did not immediately respond to IBJ's request for comment about plans for his future advertisements.

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