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Scandal singes MBA entry exam

September 11, 2008
Not everyone who takes the Graduate Management Admission Test, which is required to get into business graduate programs, is honest.

The organization that publishes the test, the Graduate Management Admission Council, disclosed yesterday that it has tossed scores of 84 people who took the test because of a cheating scandal.

Only a dozen of the people actually tried to cheat, the organization said. Theyâ??re accused of posting questions from the exam on Scoretop.com. The other 72 accidentally stumbled upon test questions they had seen on the site.

Indiana University says none of its students were implicated or had scores cancelled. Some test scores from those implicated were sent to IUâ??s program but none of the people ended up in the program.

Purdue had a similar experience, with five test takers sending scores to Purdue but none entering the program.

Ball State had no such contact.

In your experience, how wide-spread is cheating on the GMAT or in college in general?
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