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Brown County death trap

October 7, 2008
Just about everyone whoâ??s taken advantage of a nice day to trek to Brown County on State Road 135 has seen a lot of motorcycles.

The winding road to the tourism hot spot may indeed be picturesque. But itâ??s also dangerous.

The stretch produced 29 motorcycle accidents as of Sept. 6 this year, according to the Reporter-Times of Martinsville. Most resulted in injuries, and two in deaths.

How do you feel about helmet laws? Many motorcycle riders hate the laws with a vengeance because helmets detract from the open-air experience. Yet, insurance companies say helmet use is an easy way to minimize injuries.

Where do you draw the line between the freedom to make oneâ??s own decisions and the health concerns that come with risky choices?

And if helmets should be mandated for motorcycle riders, what about bicyclists, who have their own share of bad accidents?
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