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Immigration redux at the Statehouse

January 11, 2010

State Sen. Mike Delph is back this year with another bill targeting the hiring of illegal immigrants.

This time, legislation introduced by the Carmel Republican aims to confirm citizenship of government workers and people who seek state unemployment benefits. State and local governments would be required to verify eligibility of new workers.

A controversial bill Delph wrote last year would have hammered businesses that hire illegal immigrants, but it eventually died.

Are Delph and like-minded Republicans on the right track with this issue? Latinos tend to vote Democratic, but some Republican strategists believe they’re a natural constituency because of their bootstrap work ethic and their conservative leanings on social issues. Some observers have even warned the party that it won’t win many more national elections without finding a way to embrace the growing demographic.

What do you think about Delph’s efforts? Republicans and Latinos?

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