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White as IPS savior

December 3, 2007
You hear it over and over. Lots of young families would live downtown, or in the surrounding neighborhoods, if Indianapolis Public Schools didnâ??t have a poor reputation. Rather than risk their childrenâ??s education, they bolt for township schools or even adjoining counties.

Whether the rap is fair or not, parents are voting with their feet. IPS enrollment has tumbled as parents leave the district or opt for one of the charter schools operating within IPSâ?? boundaries.

As reporter Tracy Donhardt wrote in this weekendâ??s IBJ, Superintendent Eugene White is remaking the district with sweeping initiatives aimed at improving student performance and slashing the dropout rate.

His efforts arenâ??t universally lauded. Some teachers complain heâ??s trying to do too much too fast, or makes major changes without getting their input.

What do you think of the job White is doing? Is he making IPS attractive?

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