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Ranking Indianapolis' best mayor

January 30, 2008
Former Indianapolis mayors have a way of staying in the news.

Richard Lugar has climbed to the top echelons of the U.S. Senate. Bill Hudnut is quoted regularly from his position at the Urban Land Institute, a Washington, D.C., not-for-profit that studies land use.

Steve Goldsmith worked with the Bush administrationâ??s faith-based initiative and now has landed a gig with Governing magazine writing about innovative mayors.

Bart Peterson, who like Goldsmith will teach at Harvard, hasnâ??t announced further plans but seems too young and energetic to fade away.

Now Greg Ballard is putting his stamp on the city, and maybe he will leave other marks after leaving office.

Weâ??ve grown accustomed to a string of activist mayors. Which one has been best for the city?
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