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Sale of Peyton Manning autographed items hitting record highs

March 9, 2016
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Peyton Manning is scoring even in retirement.

Or at least his autographed merchandise is.

The minute on Sunday that news broke Manning would hold a Monday press conference in Denver to announce his retirement, the sale of his signed merchandise skyrocketed.

According to Jacksonville, Florida-based Fanatics Authentic, sales of Manning signed goods increased 321 percent on Sunday over the previous two days.

By the time Manning—who played 14 years for the Indianapolis Colts and four for the Denver Broncos—actually made the announcement he was hanging up his cleats, the sale of Manning merchandise and memorabilia during the Sunday-Monday run had risen an astounding 1,000 percent from Friday and Saturday sales, according to Fanatics.    

On the heels of his second Super Bowl championship and his retirement announcement Manning has become the top-selling athlete in any sport—in terms of signed memorabilia—in the history of Fanatics Authentic, according to Fanatics officials.

“As he makes his retirement official on the heels of his second Super Bowl title, we’ve seen incredible demand for his memorabilia the last few weeks and expect that demand to dramatically increase with fans looking to commemorate the future Hall of Famer’s illustrious career,” said Fanatics President Ross Tannenbaum.
Fanatics officials said they expect the spike in sales of signed Manning items to continue for another week or more. Only a small handful of athletes—such as New York Yankee Derek Jeter upon his retirement—have ever seen such dramatic autographed memorabilia sales spikes, Authentic officials said.

The top-selling Manning items this week include autographed helmets and autographed photos of him on the playing field—both in Colts and Broncos uniforms—and autographed pictures of him with the Lombardi Trophy after his most recent Super Bowl triumph.

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