Lou Harry live tweets the Academy Awards

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Oscar night, for me, means popcorn, shushing those around me, and lots of tweeting. Here's a running list of what I've been posting myself or retweeting throughout the evening. Most recent tweets are at the top.

    #oscars Thanks for hanging out with me, twitter-land folks. See you at http://ibj.com/arts  . All tweets in the blog there. Good night.

    #oscars Did McConaughey thank the man he played?

    #oscars "12 Years a Slave" wins. Somewhere in Hollywood, some exec is wondering about sequel potential.

    #oscars Trying to find that Charles Laughton quote. Is he sure it wasn't a line from 'Island of Dr. Moreau'?
    #oscars More fakey dialogue from "Nebraska."

    #oscars Blancett–thanking her theater peeps. Outstanding.
    #oscars :The World is Round, People." Not sure if they agree with that at the Creation Museum.
    #oscars So what will the reaction be to Woody Allen's name during Cate's speech?

    #oscars We're honoring art and craft, can we stop saying how great and beautiful people look?
Albert Brooks        ? @AlbertBrooks
    Gravity has won all these awards and not one person has thanked sir Isaac newton
    Retweeted by IBJ Arts

    #oscars Are the bozos who complained about the Coke Super Bowl commercial going to complain about Cuaron's speech?
Adele Dazi @AdeleDazi
    Whoo! Thanks John Travolta! That performance took a lot out of me but I just won an Oscar!
    Retweeted by IBJ Arts

    #Oscars That was me you might have heard chanting "not Nebraska. not Nebraska. not Nebraska."

    #oscars Okay, parents, explain to your children what those machines are behind Bobby and Penelope.
nashfilmfest @nashfilmfest
    Robert Lopez won an Emmy for The Wonder Pets, a Grammy for The Book of Mormon, & Tony's for Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon. #Oscars
    Retweeted by IBJ Arts

    #oscars Travolta ruined the speech almost as badly as he ruined "Hairspray."

    #oscars EGOT for Lopez. Hear his work in "The Book of Mormon" when it comes to Indy.

    #oscars Deciding if it's worth suing Warner Bros. over my original 1978 treatment "The Lincoln Log Movie." Mine was a period film, of course

        #oscars If this were 1977, there'd be skaters behind Menzel.

        #oscars Did Travolta just call Idina Menzel Aziz Ansari?

        #oscars "a slave" aren't words you want to be chirpie while reading, Goldie.

        #oscars Goldie Hawn's last movie–2002's "The Banger Sisters."

        #oscars Everyone's wondering what the rest of Midler's thought-she-was-off-mic sentence could have been.

        Christopher Lloyd @ChristopheLloyd
        2/2 Critics should never confuse themselves as being part of the movie biz, rather than journalists covering it, even thru opinions. #Oscars
        Retweeted by IBJ Arts

        #oscars Biggest surprise of the evening: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is still on the air.

        #oscars Lost complete track of what this is supposed to be a montage of and can't figure it out.

        #oscars Pink singing the sound but not the words.
        #oscars Could be Bullets Over B'way vs. Rocky, Aladdin, Madison County & Big Fish for Best Musical Tony. Should call it Oscars II this year
        #oscars Lubezki also shot "Tree of Life" and "A New World." Major, major talent. And range.

        #oscars "Inside Llewyn Davis." Every shot is gorgeous.

        #oscars I'll stick to the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, thank you.

        #oscars Pizza bit from the Jimmy Kimmel school of funny bits gone on too long.

        #oscars Nyong'o thanks her editor. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

        #oscars Looking forward to seeing what roles Hollywood finds for Nyong'o now.

        #oscars Squibb clip with the most impossible to believe line in a movie in 2013.
 Howard Sherman @HESherman
        To everyone RTing the stars’ epic selfie, just remember that you’re buying into a marketing ploy by a cell phone company. #Oscar
        Retweeted by IBJ Arts

        #oscars Did he just say "wherever you are" about his kids?

        #oscars "Lone Survivor"–a terrific film lost in the 2013 shuffle. Give it a look.

        #oscars Here come the car-flippers! Should have been on the live telecast.
        #Oscars Three songs later, "Happy" is still in my head. Sorry, U2.

        #OSCARS How's everybody holding up? Can I get you anything?

        #oscars Will Ellen write notes for kids across America who are cranky at school tomorrow after staying up past bedtimes for "Let It Go"?
        #oscars ENOUGH with the backlighting.
        Patton Oswalt        ? @pattonoswalt
        Tyler Perry dressed as a man is a braver choice than Jared Leto made in DALLAS BUYER'S CLUB. #Oscars
        Retweeted by IBJ Arts
        #oscars 'Nebraska'–the story of a fine actor at war with a condescending script and a directorial style that assumes quiet equals meaning.

        #oscars Still wish the movie was "Tyler Perry's Lee Daniels' The Butler"
        #oscars Best Over-extended CBS Sunday Morning Segment: "20 Feet from Stardom"

        #oscars This better have a pay-off where hundreds of pizzas are brought to the theater.

        Dave Lindquist   @317lindquist
    Who had money on Kim Novak faring better than Zac Efron? #StarOscars
        Retweeted by IBJ Arts

        #oscars Sorry, this commercial is making me imagine The Muppets in Midnight Cowboy AND I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT!
        #oscars Zac Efron is certainly aspiring.

        #oscars Pretty Good Movie That, Nontheless, was the Most Disappointing of the Year – Star Trek: Into Darkness.
        #oscars One brief clip and I'm missing Jason Robards. Must watch 'A Thousand Clowns' again soon.

        #oscars "Frozen." Seen it? We've been living it.
        #oscars "I have to take a paper" is the catch phrase that will sweep the nation (Just not sure which nation).

        #oscars Spoiler: Three guys won a Scientific and Tech Oscar for their Pneumatic Car Flipper. Kid you not. Now that would liven up the show.

        #oscars Harrison Ford proving why editors are important to film performances.

        #oscars "Bad Grandpa" with more nominations than "Fruitvale Station." Sad.
        #oscars Give the dancing kid in the bow-tie a three-picture deal NOW.
        #oscars What, guys in the audience aren't allowed to dance "Happy"?
        #oscars Roger Rabbit completely off the radar for 20 years. And that's okay by me. #overrated
        #oscars Jim Carrey–three sequels in a row, Kick-Ass 2, Anchorman and Dumb and Dumber To.
        billy eichner        @billyeichner
        Congrats to Kate Beckinsale on winning Best Supporting Actor.
        Retweeted by IBJ Arts     

        #oscars ABDI. ABDI. ABDI. ABDI.
        #oscars Found the funny in "12 Years a Slave" Outstanding line from Ellen.

        #oscars Half of America thinks Dallas Buyers Club is like Costco.

        #oscars Great arriving-at-the-Oscars story in William Friedkin's bio. A good read. No room here to share it.

        #oscars Two former Philly college folks competing: Leto from University of the Arts and Cooper from Villanova.

        #oscars Wondering if the former mayor of Camden is in the crowd.

        #oscars Lupito Nyong'o may be the first apostrophe-enhanced nominee since Michael O'Keefe for "The Great Santini."

        #oscars Maleficient looks worse with every commercial for it. Now the Madame Medusa film, that might be something.

        #oscars Okay, the annual Hollywood employee recognition program begins.

        #oscars Can we all agree not to watch #Resurrection so that they would stop running these annoying commercials?

        #oscars You are talking to Jeremy Renner–SO STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF.

        #oscars Okay, the Kimmel bit was funny, but going on a bit too long. We get it.

        #oscars Jimmy Kimmel making it real.

        #oscars Bill Murray must star in the Professor Irwin Corey bioflick.

        #oscars Julia Roberts being vibrant and alive. Very fun. Wish "August: Osage County" worked out better.
        #oscars Stop telling us how wonderful life television is, Robin, and just live it.

        #oscars Jared Leto is the guy at the party in Bloomington who makes me regret going to that particular party.

        #oscars Strapless is okay for Hollywood types. But what about the strapmakers of the world? How are they supposed to feed their families?

        #oscars "One of the great characters ever put on screen"? Really?

        #oscars Chime in with what you are wearing at home right now while watching the Oscars. Anybody?

        #oscars In case you are wondering, I'm wearing cargo shorts and an old Indy Men's Magazine polo shirt.
     #oscars Good thing most people in Hollywood have never heard of Broadway or they might hold Spider-Man: Turn Back the Dark against U2.

        #oscars Early prediction: Gravity will win more awards than any other film this year (although not the majors).
        #oscars If anyone picked 'The Croods' in your #oscars pool, ask him/her to leave. (Actually, I enjoyed 'Croods" more than I expected to.

        #oscars Cate Blanchettproves you can aim big on screen AND stage. 6 plays (inc. Vanya and Streetcar) in the last 5 yrs. Step up, Streep.
        #oscars http://Oscars.com  is listing the number of "social mentions" for leading nominees. This scares me.
        Show Summary

        #oscars Sorry. I've got nothing to say about Oscar fashion.

        #oscars Anna Kendrick has a musical double header in 2014: The Last Five Years and Into the Woods.

        #oscars "I have to ask you" is the least sincere way to start a question.

        #Oscar red carpet coverage, already focused on "reporters" telling each other how fabulous they look.

       #oscars  Fan of movie scores? Terence Blanchard, who composed the music for most of Spike Lee's films, is playing the Jazz Kitchen tonight.
        Also never nominated at the #Oscars : The Searchers, The Big Lebowski.
        Odd #AcademyAwards fact: 'The Lone Ranger" scored more Oscar nominations than 'Fruitvale Station"
        #oscars It's Oscar night. Let the live-tweeting begin.


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