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DEC. 31, 2012-JAN. 5, 2013

This week, check out our complete 2012 year-in-review coverage: top business news and newsmakers, the year in snapshots, video highlights and Lou Harry's take on local arts offerings.

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Daniels fell short on lifting incomes

As Gov. Mitch Daniels leaves office in January, there is debate about whether his policies of keeping taxes and spending low, while pursuing alternative strategies to improve roads and schools, have been the best way to help Indiana attract and create more high-wage, knowledge-based jobs.

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EDITORIAL: Time for Pence to ditch tax cut

Incoming Indiana Gov. Mike Pence may have spent a decade as a U.S. representative. But he is a neophyte when it comes to managing the state budget—unlike legislative warhorses such as Speaker of the House Brian Bosma and Sens. David Long and Luke Kenley.

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MORRIS: After many positives in 2012, let’s avoid ‘cliff’

Put another year in the history books. It’s time for reflection and a look ahead to the new year. I went back and looked at my column written this time last year—“From politics to hoops, my 2012 wish list”—and I would say the results were mostly positive, with one big exception.

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KENNEDY: In defense of capitalism

I am a capitalist. I believe in free markets, in what the economists describe as “transactions entered into freely between buyers and sellers both of whom have the necessary relevant information.” I also recognize that markets cannot function without “umpires” empowered to enforce rules of fair play and protect that level playing field to which we all pay lip service. The most significant challenge to genuine capitalism, I submit, lies in the ability of some competitors to bribe or otherwise influence the umpires.

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