Tech Exec of the Year 2022

IBJ honors top technology execs

Technology leaders are instrumental in helping their organization advance and innovate. IBJ and TechPoint’s fifth annual Tech Exec/Tech 25 of the Year program honors 37 men and women who excel at using technology to help their employers achieve their strategic goals.

Introducing the 2022 Tech 25 Honorees
  • Tech Product/R&D

    Kevin Barry

    Battery Engineer

    “Dr. Barry is a high-performance leader who brings great energy and commitment to our company. He’s committed to improving himself and those around him, and he embodies Ateios System’s values of excellence, efficiency, and growth. His ingenuity and passion allowed him to be the key engineer in the development of our flagship battery product; his second rechargeable battery product will directly impact many industries. Dr. Barry is a great engineer who is becoming a great leader and communicator for anyone he works with. Our executive team is proud to have him and cannot wait to see what he will accomplish.”

    / Rajan Kumar,
    Chief Executive Officer, Ateios

  • Tech Professional Services


    Associate Director PMO

    “Carlotta Hairston is an unparalleled servant leader. She sees potential where others see challenges, and she is driven to imagine a better way to approach the future. When Carlotta brings a new idea to the table, there is no question that she will find a way to make it reality and deliver an outcome beyond expectations. As a leader, her team members trust her, and rally to support their peers because she has inspired them to work collaboratively with a strong shared vision together, even while working remotely, by creating new team-building activities to help us pivot when needed.”

    / Michael Phillips,
    Director PMO, BCforward

  • Sales & Marketing

    Becky Copple

    Director, Revenue Operations

    “If you ask Becky what she enjoys, she’ll say ‘solving puzzles.’ With no shortage of puzzles for us to solve, we’re lucky to have her at OneCause. We believe in the power of technology and know there’s always a way to improve our processes internally to better serve our customers. Becky leads us through learning, evaluating, and experimenting until we find the right way. She has a passion for helping others and is a natural mentor. People gravitate to her, seeking guidance, following her example, and gaining confidence through her encouragement. She’s a leader in every sense of the word.”

    / Dan Gross,
    Vice President of Revenue
    Operations, OneCause

  • Tech Professional Services

    Lisa Cutshall

    VP of Professional Development
    Five Star Technology Solutions

    “Lisa Cutshall is one of the most caring, driven, and innovative leaders at Five Star. She has the talent and experience to design learning experiences for educators that are engaging, practical, and, ultimately, have an impact on student learning. A former teacher and administrator, Lisa provides a voice for these school roles every single day as our team creates innovative solutions that will make their lives easier and not just add “one more thing” for them to do. Best of all, Lisa is a joy to work with and makes everyone around her better.”

    / Jason Roseberry, President,
    Five Star Technology Solutions

  • Sales & Marketing

    Alexa Drew

    Director of Sales Operations

    “The Vibenomics ad operations and sales teams are more successful because of Alexa Drew. Like any situation, talent alone does not bring results. Alexa has the talent coupled with bold determination and ownership of every situation that impacts our ad sales efforts. Her combination of problem-solving and humor helps keep the team positive while always driving towards results. She is Tech 25 honoree because she is a top tier performer in our scaling enterprise.”

    / Paul Brenner,
    CSO & President of

  • Tech Professional Services

    Laura Dubay

    Director Digital Health
    Parkview Health

    “It is a special thing in a career, when you can find a leader who you can trust. That superstar who just seems to get everything done when asked of them. The person you know will succeed in any situation. The employee who has a terrible day outside of work, but you’d never know it because they put on a smile and make everyone around them happy. I’m absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to have met Laura and have her working on our digital health team—she is that superstar. She makes everyone around her a better person.”

    / Max Maile, Senior Vice President
    Digital Health, Parkview Health

  • Tech Professional Services

    Dean Dube

    Sr. Business Analyst
    Republic Airways

    “What strikes me most about Dean is his desire and natural ability to quickly establish authentic relationships. This makes him very effective at bringing together a diverse set of individuals to develop impactful solutions. Dean’s technical curiosity, passion for learning and strong analytical skills give him the agility to float between various roles within the tech space to find customer-focused solutions. And to Dean, the word “customer” is not simply a catch-all bucket; he makes it a point to be on a first name basis with the people he serves.”

    / Michael Quesada, Director of IT
    Strategic Initiatives,
    Republic Airways

  • Tech Product/R&D

    Ben Ettinger

    Director of Product

    “Ben is an incredibly driven individual who loves the challenges in the product development space. It would be easy to talk about his technical talent, attention to detail, and ability to problem solve, but what really sets him apart is his holistic view of product development. He is that rare mixture of technical engineer and deeply empathetic person who can look at technical solutions and their outcomes while standing in someone else’s shoes. This has allowed Glassboard to solve the more challenging and less obvious problems that separate good products from great products. Working alongside Ben has been a great journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes all of us!”

    / Grant Chapman, CEO,
    Glassboard Product Development

  • Tech Product/R&D

    Ivan Lomeli

    Infrastructure Team Lead/Engineer
    Blackink IT

    “I have had the pleasure of mentoring Ivan since he joined our team as a Techpoint Xtern several years ago. His positive attitude, sense of humor, passion for technology and automation, and desire to always be helping others sets him apart in our field. He is a role model for ingenuity and innovation, which are critical components of our core values. He volunteers to take the lead on our most complex projects and always exceeds clients expectations. But he doesn’t stop there, he instinctively reviews the tasks he performed and finds a way to automate, simplify and document those tasks so others can take the lead on those types of projects in the future.”

    / Chris Nelson, Director of Service Delivery,
    Blackink IT

  • Tech Professional Services


    Community & Hospitality Manager
    High Alpha

    “I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Marianne for two years, and her exceptional work ethic and positive attitude are remarkable. With exceptional care, she oversees our headquarters, events, and DE&I committee. Marianne is admired by her peers and senior leadership alike. I fully trust Marianne as a colleague and friend and I appreciate how she encourages me to think differently. She is a role model for young professionals who aspire to a fulfilling career in the tech ecosystem. High Alpha and Indianapolis are lucky to have her on our team.”

    / Amanda Carroll, Sr. Mgr.
    Real Estate & EA

  • Sales & Marketing

    Curt Merlau

    Director, Education Practice

    “Curt is one of the brightest people I have had the pleasure of working with in my career, and I couldn’t be more pleased with his leadership at Resultant. His total ownership and thought leadership in the education sector is unparalleled, and it’s integral to our rapidly growing presence in that space. Curt is a leader, an innovator, and a connector. He continues to be a shining example of Resultant’s culture, mission, vision, and values. I truly hope I get to work with him for many years to come.”

    / Joshua Wakefield, VP of Public
    Sector Services, Resultant

  • Tech Product/R&D

    Connor Nash

    Global Experience Analytics Manager
    STANLEY Security

    “Impact player. That’s how I think of Conor Nash. It is one thing to have good technical skills—which Connor certainly does—and another to apply them widely and successfully, driving results and empowering others. Connor has said that one of his goals is to make a real impact in the world and drive change through technology. I’ve personally seen him grow as a professional and as a leader over the last two years, and I have no doubt that he will achieve that goal. I can’t wait to see what he does next, for our business and the community!”

    / Waseem Kawaf, Vice President for Global Digital Experience,
    STANLEY Security

  • Tech Professional Services

    Amanda Poole

    Director, Talent
    High Alpha Innovation

    “Amanda is a connector. She has helped hundreds of people land their dream job in Indy’s tech community. She is bold and forthright, she is a builder of new things, and she creates opportunity for those around her. Most importantly, she is a faithful friend to many, and I can’t think of a finer testament to her character. Amanda consistently attracts, retains, and helps to empower incredible people who are building the Indy tech community in their companies. She is currently building teams for many more companies, and despite everything she has already accomplished, her best days still lie ahead.

    / Elliot Parker, CEO,
    High Alpha Innovation

  • Tech Product/R&D

    Zach Rozycki

    Director of Product

    “Folia is a young company, but even in this brief time, Zach’s contributions as a product manager have had foundational impact on our business. He has the soul of an artist, but the sharp intellect of an engineer. Ultimately, I’m confident in saying that his past accomplishments will pale in comparison to what he achieves in the future. We are a stronger team because of him.”

    / Ravi Bhatt, CEO, Folia

  • Tech Product/R&D

    Sahil Sangwan

    Manager, Machine Learning

    “Sahil is a “purple squirrel” with a perfect blend of excellent technical skills in data science/ML and managerial quality. His ability to take abstract concepts and present a thoughtful solution has greatly benefited the company’s growth. In addition, I’m always impressed with his enthusiasm and patience when leading the team and explaining complex data-science topics to a non-technical fellow. His dedication and attention to detail reflect in all the deliverables. His out-of-the-box solutions push the boundary for what PAXAFE can offer to better the supply chain.”

    / Ashok Seetharam, CTO, PAXAFE

  • Sales & Marketing

    Frank Shuster

    Director, Strategic Adoption
    North America


    “Frank is a gifted marketer and leader who challenges the status quo every day and always encourages his teams to do the same. Alongside his dedicated work ethic, Franks brings his A game to everything he approaches, whether it’s customer meetings or interactions with colleagues. Having been solely responsible for the creation of the company’s global data strategy function, he has a unique talent for turning complex data sets into actionable insights. Never bringing a bad attitude or big ego to the job, he instead brings sound advice, deep industry knowledge and a guiding influence.”

    / Ben Norton, VP Consultancy,
    Transformation & Agency Scale,