Obama unveils 2011 budget with $3.8 trillion in spending

The president’s budget offers tax cuts for businesses, including a $5,000 tax credit for hiring new workers this year, help
for the unemployed and $25 billion more for cash-strapped state governments. Job creation will take precedence over stemming
a surging deficit.

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Senate OKs health care measure, but work remains

The Senate has passed President Barack Obama’s landmark health care overhaul in a climactic Christmas Eve vote, extending
medical insurance to 30 million Americans. But the Senate’s bill still must be merged with legislation passed by the House,
and there are significant differences.

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Not-for-profits capitalize on Obama’s call to service

President Obama is talking up volunteerism, and some not-for-profits are hustling to make sure they reap the benefits of

the high-profile pitch. The Nature Conservancy and Indianapolis-based Kiwanis International were among the first
organizations to announce their support of Obama’s summer service initiative, United We Serve, which kicked off June
22 and runs through Sept. 11.

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KATTERJOHN: Tut-tut, looks like parochialism

When prominent Egyptologist Zahi Hawass shared stories at a recent event about his personal meeting with President Obama,
my pride was momentarily dashed by the behavior of the people sitting at the next table.
When Hawass noted how impressed he was with our new president, these people became incredulous. They started snickering like

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Ceiling was gone before Obama

It is my wish, Dr. Patterson, that at some point you will realize that American society, warts and all, has provided you with the opportunities that have landed you where you are today.

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Barack Obama’s new new thing

Tip O’Neill once said, "All politics is local." I watched my sister and even my bookkeeper—who hadn’t voted in decades—cheer
when Barack Obama rose far above John McCain in November. Clearly, there was a mandate and Obama’s oratory and messages
seemed to inspire voters across the country.

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